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Kategori:  Astrantia major 'Roma' backed by Salvia nemerosa 'Caradonna'. The diagonal in the photo increases the drama. Light color in fro… Mer  Tillbaka till Index Astrantia major 'Roma' Stjärnflocka 75 cm Sol till Halvskugga (AC) Blommar Maj - September Rosaröd Stjärnflockan som även kallas Linnés d. En mycket omtyckt sort bland svenska trädgårdsentusiaster är Astrantia major 'Roma' som har friskt bladverk och stora vackert rosa blommor.

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Astrantia Verona. Astrantia 'Roma' orAstrantia major 'Roma'. It is a wonderful pink flowering variety that flowers longer, and is more vigorous, than most pink or red Astrantia. Astrantia major, the great masterwort, is a species of flowering plant in the family Apiaceae, "RHS Plant Selector - Astrantia major 'Roma'". Retrieved 15 April  Astrantia major 'Roma'. Stjärnflocka.

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Astrantia Roma This variety is a slightly smaller plant with a height of 18 to 24 inches, but it’s spread is only 12 to 18 inches. But don’t let the smaller size deter you, Roma produces a mass of striking pink blooms atop a rosette of green foliage. Astrantia is a very adaptable plant that will grow well in full sun, given plenty of water, or in full shade, where the foliage is lush and the blooms are sparse.

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Astrantia major 'Roma' Stjärnflocka, Landskap, Växter, Lat, Färgrik, Trädgårdar Buy Astrantia major Star of Passion Online | Hayloft Plants Vackra Blommor,  2017-jun-11 - Astrantia major 'Roma'StjärnflockaHÖJD: 60 cmBLOMNING: Juni-Sept. Astrantia major 'Roma'PBR. stjärnflocka 'Roma'PBR. Produktinformation. Kategorier:  Stjärnflocka Astrantia major 'Roma' 60cm Rosa Juni – september Sol – halvskugga + Snitt c/c 35cm. Astrantia major 'Roma' mängd. Köp. Artikelnr: 18743 Kategori: Perenner blommande.

Astrantia Roma.
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Roma astrantia

This is a vigorous variety, with by far the longest flowering period of any of the deep pink or red Astrantias, so you can be sure of more than just a fleeting appearance. In fact, you can So exquisite and delicate, Astrantia major 'Roma' never fails to amaze onlookers! How to resist the intricate beauty of its blossoms: tiny pink flowers crowded together in a dome-shaped flowerhead, just like pins on a cushion, and surrounded by an elegant ruff of papery bracts. Astrantia Plant - Roma.

rosea Venice. Masterwort, Astrantia major Astrantia, Devizes. 104 likes. Astrantia Dual Language browser based on Chrome with the facility to display side by side the original web page and the translation Krukodlad perenn Astrantia Major, Stjärnflocka 'Roma', 3-pack. Välkommen till vårt stora sortiment vackra och odlingsvärda perenner Astrantia major 'Roma' mängd. Köp. Artikelnr: 18743 Kategori: Perenner blommande. Beskrivning Mer information Gammaldags perenn med säregna blommor.
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Roma astrantia

Krukodlad perenn Astrantia Major, Stjärnflocka 'Roma', 3-pack. Välkommen till vårt stora sortiment vackra och odlingsvärda perenner. Astrantia 'Roma' – Stjärnflocka. 85.00 kr. Färg: rosa. Höjd: 60 cm. Blomtid: juni-sept.

Dansk navn, Stjärnflocka\n. Str. C 3. Bemærkning. Perenn, ca 60- 70 cm hög med stora rosa blommor i juni-september  Roma. Växtens höjd når 45-60 cm. Långvarig, frodig blomning.
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Qty: Buy. Pack of 3 (Code PR089) £11.98. Qty: Buy. Multi-buy deal. 4 Astrantia Collection SAVE £10 - click here. A bright pink fashionable garden perennial. Beautiful and extremely photogenic, these are a must have addition to a summer bouquet.

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The blissful blooms of Astrantia major ‘Roma’ float mistily above a carpet of pretty cut leaves. Looks fabulous massed in Partial Shade or Dappled Sun. Equally lovely & long lasting in a vase. Sorter som vi ofta har i butiken: Astrantia major ’Roma’, Astrantia major ’Ruby Wedding’, Astrantia major ’Claret’, Astrantia major ’Star of Billion’, Astrantia major ’Madeleine’ astrantia 'Roma' Other common names astrantia 'Roma' Synonyms Astrantia major 'Roma' Family Apiaceae Genus Astrantia are clump-forming herbaceous perennials with palmately lobed basal leaves and branched, erect, wiry Details 'Roma' is a hybrid somewhat like its A. maxima parent in appearance, but Astrantia är ett litet släkte, endast ca. 10 arter.

Roma blomma. Stjärnflocka, Astrantia major. Synonymer: Linnés döttrar, stjärnfloka, stjärnloka. Fler bilder. Beskrivning:  2017-jun-11 - Astrantia major 'Roma'StjärnflockaHÖJD: 60 cmBLOMNING: Juni-Sept. Storlek, I. Höjd, 70. Produkter per låda, 250.