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FS7238 |dartfords Metallic Nitrocellulose Paint Ice Blue - 400ml aerosol. info; documentation. article number: FS7238 product id: 43977. Ice Blue - 400ml aerosol. playability of the guitar. Alder body equipped with authentic desert sand nitrocellulose finish. Soft v-shape neck is also equipped with nitro cellulose finish and.

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Bangkok  Tyrone The Skull Crusher 2019 Nitrocellulose Matt | Jovis Music PLT | Reverb ESP Snapper All Ash Burner Strat -type Electric Guitar Love the natural finish  GSD-60-CEPK | Grimshaw dreadnought guitar. Grimshaw dreadnought guitar, rosewood fb & bridge, diecast machine heads, cutaway and active EQ, pink. How to Spray Paint Your Guitar - Cheap Guitar Upgrade (Yamaha Bass) - EXPLAINED! Ninh Ly How to En nitrolackad gitarr är relativt enkelt att matta ner lacken på. In order for the paint to adhere, Fender began using a Sherwin It was applied by dipping the guitar bodies directly into a 55 gallon drum, filled with the product. The faded Cherry paint is starting to crackle up slightly around the tone Mahogany neck with a rosewood fretboard Nitrocellulose "Faded  JOHNNY CASH BLACK SIGNED IBANEZ ACOUSTIC GUITAR. Ibanez Concord acoustic guitar, model number 685 CS with a sunburst finish, spruce top with  Unbelievable guitar with pickups from Hagström.Finish looks like old Levin 2 1/2 tone Sunburst heavy relic superthin Nitrocellulose finish on lightweight alder.

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Available in nitrocellulose paint , polyurethane and water-based finish. CUSTOM COLORS NitorLACK are the result of an exhaustive study of the historical colors of the major brands. We have Fender and Gibson colors, in nitrocellulose paint or polyurethane, nitrocellulose spray or can.

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NC system used in wood finishing or wood surface coating has the advantage easily quick drying. In other words, these colors have been matched to the truest paint chips available; protected original samples. Where no original colors were available for matching the original Dupont Duco and Lucite formulas were first mixed in an acrylic mix and then recreated in a nitrocellulose lacquer.

£16.99. Buy View Add to wishlist. Item added to wishlist. Item removed from wishlist. Add to Compare. Dartfords Aged Olympic White Nitrocellulose Guitar Paint - 400ml Aerosol This full line of nitrocellulose finishes are perfect for use in vintage restorations and custom built projects. All products are made using nothing but the highest quality materials.
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Nitrocellulose guitar paint

Get the classic colors to paint your electric guitar Back in the 50-60s, nitrocellulose lacquer was the most popular choice of finish for the guitar industry giants: Fender and Gibson. For Fender, mid 20th century was the Golden Age, and for all die-hard Fender fans, nitro is equal to the word “classic.” This full line of nitrocellulose finishes are perfect for use in vintage restorations and custom built projects. All products are made using nothing but the highest quality materials. Our colors are vintage correct and based off original paint codes used by guitar manufacturers. → View additional details and shop online.

400ml aerosol with eliptical nozzle. They dry very quickly and produce a hard glassy finish, unlike other “pre-cat” lacquers. Nitrolacquer made from the original DuPont recipes. Professional, high quality nitrocellulose lacquer for a professional looking finish of stringed instruments. 17 Mar 2015 "The guitar would continue to 'cure' over the ensuing years, as the solvent in the finish continued to evaporate and harden". After all, nitro is  1-16 of 118 results for "Nitrocellulose Lacquer Guitar Paint".
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Nitrocellulose guitar paint

$25.00 $ 25. 00. FREE They don’t turn nitrocellulose into a ‘plastic finish’ because nitrocellulose is, after all, a type of plastic. It’s understandable that paint makers and guitar manufacturers wanted their finishes to look good for as long as possible.

Only 13 left in stock. 23 Jan 2018 However, they are all actual names of paint finish colors by Fender. compound types for your guitar's finish - nitrocellulose, polyurethane, and  18 Apr 2016 When selecting the best guitar finish for your guitar, you will need to consider nitrocellulose lacquer vs. Urethane options. Here's how to  Whatever brand of paint they have used it's just not tough enough and has worn out / peeled away!
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Many of our colors are  13 Jan 2016 On a solid body electric, I don't think a good nitrocellulose finish believe everything affects the sound of those great old guitars we love so  It gives an excellent thin finish as found on many vintage guitars and is great for use on restorations, acoustic guitars, vintage tribute guitar builds and more.

Gibson Custom Shop 60th anniversary '57 Goldtop Gloss

Nitrocellulose Lacquer, check! One Piece Mahogany back, check! This @heritageguitarinc H150 has it all and more! Someone buy this before This is the Checkerboard Mesh Scarf using Cascade Heritage 150 Paints.

The solvents in nitrocellulose are pretty aggressive and could well damage your paint. The other issue would be that if you wish to level the finish, it will take a lot of lacquer. As for your neck, something like Tru-oil (and the matching Birchwood Casey wax) might be best which affords some protection from moisture whilst retaining a natural feel. Nitrocellulose lacquer paints were in fact developed by DuPont in the 1920's specifically NOT to breathe, but to be a sealant against the forces of nature for automotive applications. I'm not saying Nitrocellulose Lacquer finishes aren't good finishes, and aren't good for a guitar's tone, but they DON'T allow the wood to "breathe". Guitar Paint and Lacquer.