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Eppinger gave the lure a catchy name the Osprey. Lure sales began to grow. In 1918, a nephew Ed Eppinger, at age 12, began to work for the budding lure company. Product Details The classic Eppinger® Original Dardevle® Spoon, one of the most popular and effective all-around fishing lures in history, is as deadly as ever. More than a century after its introduction, this spoon's flashy action remains irresistible to big pike, walleye, bass, lake trout, and all other freshwater game fish species. Dardevle By Eppinger 5 months ago Check out Lain M. all the way from Scotland with this nice 20lb Atlantic Salmon caught on a Dardevle!

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We begin with brass blade. Weight: 3/4 oz. Length: 2 7/8″ x 1 3/16″ The original Dardevle spoon invented by Lou Eppinger in 1906 is the most iconic lure of all time. It has a unique strike  Jun 23, 2018 While I don't deny that the T-60 is an awesome lake trout lure, I am firmly in the Eppinger camp when it comes to the best lake trout lure of all  Aug 2, 2013 Rivermandave approximately what time frame do the lures cover. I've NEVER seen an Eppinger Dardevle of any sort that was NIP/NIB with a  Sep 25, 2014 Hi , folks , Pike around here are obviously still reluctant at the turnover from summer to fall , I've been casting lures for hours today and finally  Jul 2, 2019 Lee and Robbie head to North Dakota to try and Catch a Pike over the 45 Inch Mark!Guide service -'s Instagram  Red Eye Wiggler 1/2 oz Spoons by; eppinger lures Notangle Spinner 1/2oz – Dardevle by; eppinger lures EPPINGER DARDEVLE 3/4 OZ- RED WHITE  Jun 5, 1987 Mr. Eppinger sold more than 2 million Dardevle lures each year through his Eppinger Manufacturing Company. The popular spoon-style lure,  NEW Vintage Eppinger Dardevle® Spoon · Eppinger Lures · Eppinger Dardevle Spoon | FishUSA · Fishing bait · Red Eye Wiggler 1/2 oz Spoons by · Notangle  Original Dardevle Spoons (Red/White · NEW Vintage Eppinger Dardevle® Spoon · Fishing Lure Sizes - Len Thompson · Dardevle 1oz – Dardevle by Eppinger  Eppinger 2 Dardevle 。 The Dardevle Dardevlet Spoon design perfected the casting spoon profile and is widely considered the best all-around fishing lure.

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I buy old lures so contact me to sell your lures or get an appraisal! Every tackle box has a few Dardevle's in them. Made by Eppinger for almost 100 years, they just catch fish. Dardevle's, Red Eye Wigglers and more.

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ADDRESS: Eppinger Manufacturing, 6340 Schaefer, Dearborn, MI 48126 USA. Hours: M-F 7:00 am – 2:30 pm EST. Phone: 313.582.3205 Toll Free Phone: 888.771.8277 E-mail Eppinger Lures It continues today with the uncompromising dedication to quality that goes into each Eppinger lure.

… 8 VINTAGE EPPINGER SPOON FISHING LURES For your bidding consideration are these; 8 VINTAGE EPPINGER DARDEVLE FISHING LURES These are a collection of smaller more spoons. Made by Eppinger. Detriot, Mich.
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There are several variations of how the Dardevle was first developed. Eppinger wanted to create a perfect metal lure that would cast for distance without causing spool backlash and have swimming action incorporated into the design. 2021-02-13 · Original Eppinger Daredevles. 11 total as pictured. A nice addition to any lure collection or use them to catch fish.

Wiggler The Original Hofschneider Lure! 23 25 SIMPLY ONE or: THE BEST NORTHERN PIKE LURES IN NORTH AMERICA Only — No r what fish olorto help in Nickel only AND LAKE TROLIWAICH OUT Red Eye. Wiggler. Best Overall: Johnson Silver Minnow Spoon. Buy on Amazon Buy on Metal fishing … This lure has been catching game fish of all kinds for decades, so its pedigree is sterling. I haven't tried the red diamonds on yellow pattern, but have read of extremely good results with this, as well. It casts like an absolute bullet, so that, with braided line, you may have Ray Guy/Rick Roby hang time.
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The EGB Swiss Blinker catches fish — even when no other lure is working. That is why we brought them to America. Epic Fishing Lures - our flagship 4-inch lure catches fish with erratic action and proven colours. Hand-made and painted wood plugs. 1 Jan 2021 Vintage 1960s Eppinger Daredevil (Dardevle) Lures In Original Package 4 pcs. Get the best deals on Dare Devil Vintage Fishing Lures when you  All of our fishing lures are.

Dare Devle invented by Lou Eppinger 113 years ago. Huskie Devle and Huskie Junior in original Red and White High Grade Paint with Detroit U.S.A. engraved in backs of each one. Vintage Silver Color and a few Copper Colored backs available in the Huskie Devle. Greatest Fishing Buy Trout Lures at Sportsmans Warehouse online and in-store has everything for your outdoor sports adventure needs. Fishing, rods & reels, camping gear, tents and much more. Plus, Eppinger is the only manufacturer to guarantee their paint for the life of the lure.

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Dardevle by Eppinger has been producing high quality fishing lures Started in 1906, Eppinger takes pride in its history of American-Made quality and for giving fellow anglers what works, time after time. They build performance  The Eppinger Dardevle features a built-in wobble that swings side to side, nearly turning over, but always righting itself. The Dardevle is one of the top lures for  Eppinger Dardevle Spinnie Lure Eppinger Dardevle Spinnie Lure most popular and among the most effective all-around fishing lures on the market today. Cast or  This long casting, fast sinking spoon is the traditional go-to pike lure. Vary the retrieve speed to make this spoon dart and dive when targeting lethargic larg… Eppinger Original Dardevle Spoons are the most popular all-around fishing lure of all time.

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Oct 12, 2016 - Eppinger's Daredevil's Lure Information Sheet. More like this. Cool old fishing ad Vintage Fishing Lures, Bass Fishing Lures, Fishing Tackle, Fly. Apr 16, 2006 The centerpiece of its cover story on “The 50 Top Fishing Lures of All Time” is Exactly 100 years after Lou Eppinger invented the lure before a  Mar 22, 2017 The Eppinger tradition began in 1906 when Lou Eppinger spent a month in the Ontario wilderness camping and fishing.